viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is possibly one of the greatest success stories of all time.  Not just because the industry has grown so big so fast, but because of all the other success stories tied to it.  Literally thousands of people each month travel to Costa Rica to complete their dental work. 
And almost everyone return home happy after traveling there to do so.  Granted, it’s not always the day at the beach many marketers portray dental tourism in Costa Rica to be, but it’s very rare to hear a nightmare story.   Apparently the dentists are all they are rapped-up to be…good, and affordable!!!
Where do most people hear about dental tourism in Costa Rica?  The truth is that it is a mixed bag.  Friends and relatives are often the source and let the dental cat out of the bag, but there are other sources as well.  News reports, international travel magazines, travel agents, and print media are a few others. 
And of course, we can’t forget the internet.  Google, Bing and Yahoo have likely pointed more people to dental tourism in Costa Rica than all other sources combined.  No one knows the real numbers, but my nearly 6 month stent as a Patient Coordinator with a well known dental clinic in Costa Rica proved to me that search engines are busy propping up the dental tourism industry and Costa Rica as a destination.
Where else can someone go if they want to place themselves in the world of dental tourism?  There’s Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary and a few others around the globe.  But truth be told, none have had the success or are seeing the increases in year over year visitors that Costa Rican dentists enjoy.   Decisions to travel to a certain destination are usually based on cost, proximity, language and familiarity with the culture of the proposed destination. 
And while not many U.S. citizens know about the Costa Rican culture (Tico culture), they know that the country is nearby, that Spanish is about as close to English one can come when talking foreign languages, and they are a peace loving nation which to date has been a target of terrorists!  And not many of its competitors can claim the same.  And those dental tourism competitors that can make the claim falter on other important fronts such as proximity to home.  So it seems like dental tourism is going to continue to grow and become more popular, not at the expense of other destinations, but to their benefit.  Why?  It benefits the other dental tourism destinations which can’t keep the dental tourism industry in the news and on the radar screen.
So while Nicaragua is not on many people’s list of serious consideration when they are thinking about dental tourism, in the future it may be.  And it will be thanks in large part to the Costa Rica dentists and the dental tourism they made so popular over several decades. 
And India and the other possible dental tourism destinations benefit as well.  Even if it is just a driving force that alerts people in such countries as Japan, people unlikely to travel half way around the world for dental care, that they do have SOME options available near their country.  Thailand and Vietnam specifically stand to benefit from Japan’s overpriced dental market.  And with a population of more than 100,000,000, this could make the dentists in those dental tourism markets very, very happy!
As for we Americans, we are sitting pretty.  While we likely will not benefit to ant degree by the new healthcare laws, at least we have Costa Rica right down the road, well almost right down the road.  And we know when we arrive, that there were hundreds of thousands who travelled the same road before us, took care of their dental problems, lived to tell their tales, and are happy for their experience! 
And as long as the health and dental care industries continue to degenerate in the United States, Costa Rica will remain a viable dental tourism marketplace for the rich, poor, insured and uninsured alike, and will continue to lead the pack of its dental tourism competitors.
If you are looking for affordable, quality dental care, these specialists can help you find the clinic and practitioners that will best suit your needs and preferences. If you are looking for other contacts you may want to try or ; both seem to be moving up quickly in the search ranking which means they are heading in the right direction – likely a result of good business practices.

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